Cake time

No Birthday Party is complete without Cake Time.


CupcakesCupcakes and Drinks

Freshly baked and picked up from the bakery the same day as of the trip. Moist, delicious still fluffy, nicely and beautiful decorated. Vanilla or Chocolate with Icing.

Handling of the Cupcakes

We transport and keep the cupcakes in coolers until serving time. They will not be exposed to hot and unfavorable conditions. They will stay in the coolers from leaving the bakery until we serve them.

Cool, Clean and Safe.



We provide three choices:
1. Fruit Beverage*
2. Coke
3. Bottle of Water

Cakes Time is after the Sea Battle.

The Fruit Drinks*
Served in 8 oz “Barrels
Available in four different tastes: Orange Naranja, Fruit Punch, Lemonade and Tropical Punch
75% less sugar compared to other leading fruit drinks, 2 gr/bottle
Good source of B & E vitamins
Calories 10
Total Fat: 0%
Sodium: 80mg, 3%
Sugar: 2gr/bottle
Protein: 0 gr
Naturally and artificially flavored and colored

*In the unlike event of shortage, we reserve the right to substitute the Fruit Drinks with other similar product.