Item #: 400 - Necklace Treasure Coin - "COB"

$ 12.95

Pirate Treasure Coin Necklace is an Authentic Reproduction of a Pirate Silver Cob, 1580 – 1750

The Spanish Conquistadors who came to the New World in search of precious metal succeeded so well that the incessant flow of gold and silver, to their native land, led to their own impoverishment. The result was a cheapening of the precious metal with an inflation which sent the price of goods to a tremendously high level.

The rich silver mines of Mexico were the source of the first silver coins of the New World. This coin is an example. It is a replica of the famous COB money derived from the Spanish phrase “Cabo de barra” - cut from a bar. The coins were approximately round chunks of metal sliced from a silver bar. These slices, with their irregular boarders, were struck with primitive dies. The result was ugly and the coins were undated.

The Caribbean area alone is believed to have over $400,000,000 in sunken and hidden treasures.

Many millions are still lost to the sea or hidden. Aye’ me Pirates tis still time to search the islands and the deep.

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